Boys Orphanage; Higuey

We started working with this orphanage back in 2005. The young man that works as an interpreter for me in the Higuey (Benjamin), told me about his uncle’s church and the boy’s orphanage they started.

They were working at getting boys off the streets that had been living on the streets. They started about seven years ago. First they were taking them into their homes. As they got more and more children they started looking for somewhere to house them. The building you see in the photo below was donated by a lady that wasn’t using the building. The boys are allowed to stay as long as they want. However, we would like to eventually build something more suitable for the boys.

This project hasn’t been around as long as the other two orphanages we work with, so it doesn't have as much support as our other orphanages do. When we first started going to this orphanage, three out of four times we brought food their cupboards were bare. One time we showed up with shoes and the dad on-site stopped where he was and started fitting the boys, because they needed the shoes so badly.

This orphanage is coming along quite nicely but we have a long way to go. They need clothing, shoes, and school and medical supplies.

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In this orphanage a group of men decided to help the older boys learn an occupation by opening a wood-working shop on-site. Teaching the boys to make tables, chairs, doors, and cupboards. The money then comes back, some to the boys and some to the orphanage to help keep things going.

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